EdgeMate Pool Chair Hospitality Packages – FREE SHIPPING

EdgeMate Pool Chair Packages are the perfect new amenity for your pool. You can now provide comfortable, shallow-water seating for all capable swimmers with ease. Features include:

  • The heavy-duty frame of our chair and storage rack are made of an aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant
  • Extra-wide seat is mildew and UV resistant
  • EdgeMate arrives fully assembled and our storage rack requires minimal assembly.


6 Pack & a Rack – $1,999.00
  • 6 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 6 Custom Cup Holders
  • 1 EdgeMate Pool Chair Storage Rack


12 Pack & a Rack – $2,999.00
  • 12 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 12 Custom Cup Holders
  • 1 EdgeMate Pool Chair Storage Rack


24 Pack & 2 Racks – $5,899.00
  • 24 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 24 Custom Cup Holders
  • 2 EdgeMate Pool Chair Storage Racks


Free Shipping applies to Continental United States only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska)

Interested in more than 24 EdgeMate Pool Chairs for your property? Send us an email at info@edgematepoolchair.com


EdgeMate Pool Chair Hospitality Packages – FREE SHIPPING


Primary Features 

  • Users sit partially submerged while stable and upright
  • Easy to set up, fold and carry
  • Requires no alterations to the pool or pool deck.
  • Materials are corrosion resistant
  • Successfully tested to hold 300 lbs. out of water
  • For in-ground, flat-edge pools only. View our Pool Chair Compatibility page for examples of pools that are not suitable for the EdgeMate Pool Chair.
  • EdgeMate Pool Chair – FAQ
  • EdgeMate Pool Chair – Warning Label

Additional information

Product Details

EdgeMate Pool Chair:
Height: 32”
Width: 25”
Seat Width: 20.5”
Seat Depth: 16”
Lay-flat Thickness: 4.5”

EdgeMate Cup Holder:
Weight: 1 lbs.
Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 4
Holds most standard size beverage containers

EdgeMate Storage Rack:
Weight: 24.2 lbs. (77 lbs. fully loaded)
Height: 49"
Length: 65"
Width: 29"


6 Pack and a Rack, 12 Pack and a Rack, 24 Pack and 2 Racks