EdgeMate Pool Chair – Hospitality & Commercial Pool Packages

Seating around a resort/ commercial pool will forever be a precious, and therefore limited, commodity. Guests try to save these resources in all sorts of obvious and tired ways because that’s how valuable and scarce the supply. Once the commercial pool deck seats are occupied, or perceived to be, guests without seats turn frustrated and dissatisfied with what should otherwise be a fun day at the pool.

And if they can’t sit, they won’t stay, leading to the potential loss of food and beverage revenue, negative reviews and more at your commercial pool venue. Thankfully, there is now a way to expand seating capacity almost instantaneously in a way that does not involve cramming more chairs onto the pool deck. The solution is an EdgeMate Pool Chair Commercial Pool Package.

Use EdgeMate as a revenue-generating amenity at your commercial pool property or simply provide it as a new and unique way to keep your guests seated and happy. Hospitality/ Commercial Pool packages are available in varying quantities and with mobile storage racks to keep inventory organized and easily accessible.

Enhance your guest’s pool day and your bottom line with shallow water seating from EdgeMate Pool Chair. If you have questions or are interested in greater than 24 pool chairs with customization for your location, contact our team today.

3-Pack of EdgeMate Pool Chairs – Test Your Edge Set – $507 
  • 3 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 3 Custom Cup Holders


6 Pack & a Rack – $1,999.00
  • 6 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 6 Custom Cup Holders
  • 1  Storage Rack


12 Pack & a Rack – $2,999.00
  • 12 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 12 Custom Cup Holders
  • 1 Storage Rack


24 Pack & 2 Racks – $5,899.00
  • 24 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • 24 Custom Cup Holders
  • 2  Storage Racks

Custom branding available on orders of 24 or more chairs. Prices start at $12 per EdgeMate Pool Chair. 

Free Shipping applies to Continental United States only (excludes Hawaii & Alaska).


*I have read the Compatibility Guidelines and I confirm that my pool is compatible with The EdgeMate Pool Chair.

EdgeMate Pool Chair – Hospitality & Commercial Pool Packages


EdgeMate Pool Chair Packages are the perfect new amenity for your guests at the pool. You can now provide comfortable, shallow-water seating for capable swimmers.

Features include:

  • EdgeMate Pool Chairs arrive fully assembled and require no alterations to the pool or pool deck
  • Our 12-unit storage rack and cup holder require minimal assembly
  • For in-ground flat edge pools only
  • Heavy-duty frame of The EdgeMate In-Pool Chair and Storage Rack are made of an aluminum alloy that is corrosion resistant
  • Extra-wide seat is mildew and UV resistant
  • Accommodates adult swimmers of all sizes
  • Pool Chairs fold flat for easy transport & storage on the EdgeMate Storage Rack
  • Suitable for vinyl-lined property pools
  • Suitable for chlorinated and salt water commercial pools

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Product Details

EdgeMate Pool Chair:
Height: 32”
Width: 25”
Seat Width: 20.5”
Seat Depth: 16”
Lay-flat Thickness: 4.5”

EdgeMate Cup Holder:
Weight: 1 lbs.
Dimensions: 9 x 5 x 4
Holds most standard size beverage containers

EdgeMate Storage Rack:
Weight: 24.2 lbs. (77 lbs. fully loaded)
Height: 49"
Length: 65"
Width: 29"


3 Pack without a Rack, 6 Pack and a Rack, 12 Pack and a Rack, 24 Pack and 2 Racks