Is Your Swimming Pool Compatible with the EdgeMate Pool Chair?

Not sure if the EdgeMate Pool Chair will fit your pool’s edge? Let’s break it down!

Compatible Pools

The EdgeMate Pool Chair is designed to fit most in-ground swimming pools, but due to the diverse nature of pool design, it will not fit all of them. As long as the pool deck is level and meets the wall at close to a 90-degree angle, this should allow the pad on the support bar to be the only area having contact with the pool deck. If this is your pool, enjoy your EdgeMate!

Incompatible Pools

If your pool has a gutter (with or without a gutter guard) that drops down from the pool deck approximately six inches, EdgeMate will likely sit too low in the water. Another example of an incompatible pool is one with sloped coping or a lip. In this instance, the pad on the support bar will not have complete contact with the pool deck, thus giving EdgeMate the inability to hold a fixed location.  


*The EdgeMate Pool Chair is designed for in-ground swimming pools ONLY.