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Safety, comfort and convenience all at the pool’s edge. The innovative EdgeMate pool chair makes it possible for virtually anyone to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Durable and easy to use, EdgeMate arrives fully assembled and ready for all that you want to do, or not do, in the pool. The EdgeMate pool chair . . . your front row seat to fun!

EdgeMate Features

The versatile EdgeMate pool chair arrives READY TO USE right out of the box. Its HEAVY-DUTY frame and comfortable QUICK-DRY mesh seat can hold swimmers of ALL shapes and sizes.

EdgeMate folds flat for EASY transport and storage and is COMPATIBLE with nearly any IN-GROUND swimming pool. LIGHTWEIGHT at only 9 pounds, EdgeMate is EQUIPPED with rounded edges to PREVENT swimsuit snags and tears.

Additional Features

  • Requires no construction or alterations to the pool or pool deck.
  • Heavy-duty aluminum frame has a corrosion-resistant coating.
  • Multiple pairs of drain holes rid EdgeMate of water quickly.

EdgeMate Uses

  • General recreation
  • Stable seating for those with disabilities/mobility challenges
  • Aquatic therapy/rehabilitation

Frequently Asked Questions

Does EdgeMate have a weight limit? What are its dimensions? Are there any pool alterations needed to use EdgeMate? These questions and more answered in our FAQ. Click below to see the full list.

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