Our Story

Inspired by people with disabilities, EdgeMate is intended for all. 

EdgeMate For All

EdgeMate began as an observation. Working at a waterpark (Wyandot Lake) just outside of Columbus, OH, I often saw guests with disabilities having to switch out of their motorized wheelchairs into manual ones, just so they could experience the simple pleasure of being in the pool.

A few years later, the Americans with Disabilities Act expanded to include design standards (ex. poolside lifts, zero-depth entries, transfer walls, ramps) for swimming pools; legally mandated access for millions of people who previously had none.

All of this led to a simple question: Then what? A lift got somebody in the water, but there was nothing to keep them there. For the newfound access to have meaningful impact, there had to be something beyond holding onto a companion or the side of the pool.

From that point, I spent countless hours working on providing stable, comfortable, portable in-pool seating that served as the progression from access to enjoyment. Those efforts resulted in what would ultimately become the EdgeMate Pool Chair.

What began as an observation continues as an effort of inclusion. Inspired by individuals with disabilities, EdgeMate is intended for All. For the hotel/resort wanting to provide a new amenity for guests. For the accessible traveler seeking new adventures. For the backyard pool owner looking to just relax comfortably in the water. And, most of all, for those yearning to discover, or rediscover, the pure joy of being in the pool.

May your pool days be your best days.

Keith Chlapaty
EdgeMate Pool Chair