Frequently Asked Questions

EdgeMate fits most in-ground pools, but due to the diverse nature of pool design, it does not fit all of them. If the pool edge is flat and meets the pool wall at an approximate 90-degree angle, then EdgeMate will likely be compatible with your pool.

If your pool has a gutter (with or without a gutter guard) that drops down from the pool deck approximately six inches, the swimmer will likely sit too low in the water to fully enjoy EdgeMate. This scenario also applies to infinity-edge pools.

View our Pool Chair Compatibility page to see examples of pools that are not compatible with the EdgeMate In-Pool Chair.

EdgeMate is intended for in-ground pools only.

EdgeMate Pool Chairs are made using high-quality materials and have undergone vigorous testing to ensure years of heavy use and enjoyment. 

The best way to maintain your EdgeMate’s appearance and durability over the long term is to avoid placing it in pools with poor water quality (i.e. chemical imbalance). Prolonged exposure to such conditions will significantly impact its appearance and function. 

When not in use, EdgeMate should be removed from the water for both safety and longevity purposes.

EdgeMate is intended for any capable swimmer.

EdgeMate is intended for shallow water use only. The definition of shallow water depends on the height of the swimmer. If you can sit down into EdgeMate as you would in a normal-sized chair, then you are at a suitable depth for use. If you have to lift off of one foot, as you would get into a barstool, there is the possibility of the hang bar becoming dislodged from the pool deck.

Upright Height: 32″
Width: 25″
Seat Width: 20.5″
Seat Depth: 16″
Lay-flat Thickness: 4.5″
Weight: 4.4 lbs.

In a word: No. EdgeMate is designed so that nothing has to be done to the pool or pool edge. It comes ready to use right out of the box! 

EdgeMate has been engineered and tested to hold 300 pounds out of water, which means that based upon human buoyancy rates, there is no weight limit for the chair when used correctly.

EdgeMate folds flat for easy transport and storage, but beyond that it does not adjust.

Absolutely! In fact, all initial testing of the EdgeMate In-Pool Chair was done in a vinyl-lined pool. 

Always get into EdgeMate from inside the pool. Do not enter into EdgeMate from the pool deck.

Yes, it is located on the underside of the seat. It is advised that all swimmers read the label before using EdgeMate (click to see label).