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November 2022 - Lodging Magazine

As a means of taking advantage of underutilized, prime real estate -the pool edge- The EdgeMate Pool Chair is a one-of-a-kind, immersive seating experience where guests get to enjoy being in the water, while remaining close to all the things they enjoy out of it.

New Pool Products To Check Out in 2022

The pool edge is prime real estate; use the EdgeMate Pool Chair to monetize it while your guests relax comfortably in the water. EdgeMate In-Pool chairs, on the other hand, are a different story. Take advantage of the opportunity to expand seating capacity without expanding your hotel pool deck.

October 2022 - PSP

The EdgeMate Pool Chair provides new ways to relax and experience the pool. Designed with flexibility and ease-of-use in mind, EdgeMate requires no alterations to the pool or pool deck, works with most in-ground pools (including vinyl lined), and accommodates swimmers of all sizes.

AQUA Live 2022

Inside the doors of Charlotte’s airy, state- of-the-art convention center, AQUA Live attendees strolled around the show floor to check out new products, share new ideas and create new connections. From water treatment to pool and spa covers, from financial services to vinyl liners, from pool apps to safety products, there was something for every industry professional to explore.

June 2022 - PSN

Invented by a lifeguard, and inspired by people with diabilities and mobility challenges, the unique EdgeMate Pool Chair adds an exciting new dimension to your pool day.

February 2022 - Aquatics International

The EdgeMate Pool Chair Storage Rack holds up to 12 EdgeMates. This custom rack is designed for commercial pool operation. Four rotating castors (two locking) allow for mobility and safety, while the rack’s narrow profile means it can fit through most standard-sized doorways.

Winter 2022 - PSN

The EdgeMate Pool Chair provides a fixed in-pool seating experience for all swimmers. Weighing less than five pounds, EdgeMate arrives fully assembled, easily accommodates any-sized swimmer and folds flat for easy transport and storage.

December 2021 - Aqua Magazine

The one-of-a-kind EdgeMate Pool Chair is an ideal choice for in-pool seating. Inspired by people with disabilities, EdgeMate utilizes the pool’s deck in order to provide comfort and stability for those who want to enjoy being in the water, while staying within reach of everything they enjoy out of it. With its airplane-grade aluminum frame, EdgeMate easily accommodates swimmers of any size.

2020 - D-Terra Solutions

EdgeMate® approached D-Terra to develop and launch an innovative line of pool chairs and accessories. The project started by working with an existing prototype that needed to be re-engineered for weight reduction and cost savings. D-Terra successfully accomplished this goal and transitioned the new design into production.

July 2019 - Closing the Gap

Safety, comfort and convenience all at the pool’s edge. The innovative EdgeMate pool chair makes it possible for virtually anyone to enjoy the benefits of a swimming pool. Durable and easy to use, EdgeMate arrives fully assembled and ready for all that you want to do, or not do, in the pool. The EdgeMate pool chair . . . your front row seat to fun!

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