Who Sells Outdoor Pool Chairs?

Who sells outdoor pool chairs?

Your recipe for a great summer: Lots of sunshine, a dash of a slower pace, refreshing drinks, and tons of pool fun. Mix and repeat often! This summer, enjoy yourself even more with the addition of a great outdoor pool chair. Here is who sells outdoor pool chairs you would love to have. 

Pool Floats

Pool time relaxation is often associated with pool floats. They even come in fun animal shapes and festive colors. A pool float is great for splashing in water, but expect to get immersed at any time. They also are typically poorly made and therefore don’t last long. Though often advertised as a place to relax, it’s more accurately used for play and active fun. 

Pool floats can vary in style and quality. While some larger or fancy versions can be found in specialty stores, your typical discount stores should have a wide variety of floats. This includes stores such as a dollar store, Walmart, and Big Lots. 

Patio Loungers

For seating out of the water, patio loungers are good options. You can relax and chat with others, but they often keep you farther away from the action. While patio furniture serves a purpose, keep in mind you can’t enjoy the water or pool activities with this type of seating. 

Patio furniture comes in a spectrum of prices from several hundred dollars to several thousand. You can purchase it from chain department stores like Home Depot and Lowe’s, or you can find more name-brand options on the internet. 

Tanning Shelf Recliners

If your pool has a tanning shelf, you can use an in-water lounging chair to be closer to the water and the action. Though close to the action, you still don’t get to enjoy being in the water or its benefits like hydrotherapy. 

Tanning shelf recliners are best purchased from local outdoor stores or specialty online retailers. Because your recliner needs to fit your tanning shelf space carefully, be sure to check the dimensions and fit before purchasing.

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs

For the best overall pool chair, go with an EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair. It provides a unique pool experience you will love! An EdgeMate Pool Chair allows you to be in the water with the action while still sitting relaxed and secure in your seat. 

An EdgeMate Pool Chair is simple to use from the moment you receive it: flip open the chair, set it on the pool ledge, and then have a seat to enjoy! Our pool chair will fit any pool with a close to 90-degree angle from pool deck to pool wall. There is no pool alteration or installation necessary to use. Though our in-pool chairs have been dry land tested to hold 300 pounds, they have no weight limit in the water due to water weightlessness. This, along with the sense of stability, makes EdgeMate Pool Chairs a great option for hydrotherapy exercises and benefits. 

Experience the pool like never before with an EdgeMate Pool Chair. To purchase your EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, shop from our online store today! Also, get an EdgeMate cup holder to keep your drink within reach while in the pool. To learn more about EdgeMate Pool Chairs, contact us today! We would love to answer your questions and let the summer fun begin!

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