7 Best Summer Travel Accessories

The Best Summer Travel Accessories

Get ready for summer 2022! After two summers of limited travel, activities, and gatherings, this summer is going to be a thrill! Summer is still a couple of months away, but now is the time to start planning and preparing. Whether driving or flying this summer, you will have limited space to bring your travel needs. At EdgeMate, we put together a list of the best summer travel accessories to make this summer the best ever!

The Perfect Summer Travel Bag

What is a summer vacation without a great bag?! A good summer tote is able to carry lots of things, is made of water-resistant material, and looks stylish. This will be your go-to accessory for all your pool and travel needs. In addition to your summer carry-all bag, it’s a good idea to also have a wet bag. This will contain any wet clothes, towels, or swimwear while traveling. 

Travel Friendly Shoes

Summer travel shoes need to be comfortable and fashionable. This summer, keep your eyes peeled for thick-soled slides that are cute, comfy, and water-resistant. Be sure to add pool-friendly shoes to your vacation wish list.

A Pool Cover-Up

In addition to a flattering new swimsuit, a beautiful pool cover-up is a travel necessity. With a cover-up, you can feel confident and comfortable when you’re poolside, in your hotel, or even stopping at the store. 

A Great Summer Travel Book

No summer trip should commence without a great reading list. Bring along your books to relax and unwind by the pool. Check your local library for this summer’s top reads. 

Fashionable Sunglasses

Don’t travel this summer without the perfect pair of sunglasses! Keep your eyes shaded and safe with polarized lenses. Also, you might want a hat for additional sun protection.

An Insulated Water Bottle

When traveling in the summer, it is easy to get caught up in the fun and forget to drink water. By bringing along your water bottle, you can help prevent this from happening. Make sure it is insulated and filled with ice so that you don’t end up with hot, undrinkable water. A sip of cool water can be refreshing while in the sun. You can also easily store your water bottle in the EdgeMate cup holder.  

EdgeMate In-Pool Chair

To make this summer the best experience yet, be sure to bring an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair! With EdgeMate, you can enjoy being in the water while still relaxing. Our underwater pool chairs are made with high-quality material and go through intense testing. This means you can be confident your EdgeMate is durable and will bring many years of in-pool fun! Additionally, EdgeMate Pool Chairs are compatible with most inground pools so you can easily use it while traveling. For summer trips, you’ll need a folding pool chair. The EdgeMate Pool Chair is easily folded for travel. At only 4.4 pounds, it is lightweight and easy to carry. 

Are you excited?! Summer travel will be here soon! Get ready for vacation with the best summer travel accessories, including an EdgeMate Pool Chair. If you’d like to learn more about EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs, read more here or contact us anytime. Order your EdgeMate Pool Chair today!

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