5 Reasons Parents Will Love In-Pool Chairs

Two pool users fold their EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs from inside the pool and prepare to carry them out.

In-pool chairs belong on parents’ checklists when they take the kids to the pool. Why? Because they’re trying to accomplish two things: keep an eye on the kids and get some much-deserved rest and recreation. To accomplish those things effectively, they need reliable gear that lets them be both the unofficial lifeguard and self-care champions.

This is where in-pool chairs come in. You want to offer your guests something durable, compact, and user-friendly to suit their demanding lifestyles. EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are the gold standard in all these areas. Designed to rest partially submerged in the shallow end, they belong in the “must-have” category along with the floaties and sunscreen. EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are a great fit for parents on the go because they are:

  • Lightweight
  • Strong
  • Foldable
  • Great for monitoring the kids
  • Made for multitasking


Parents have plenty of heavy loads to carry throughout the day. And those loads seem to be at their largest when the family heads to the pool. From the towels to the pool toys to the kids themselves, their hands are literally full. So whatever supplies you add to their bundle better be easy to tote.

The good news is that EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs only weigh 4.4 pounds. To put that into perspective, the average purse weighs about 6 pounds. That means that they’re light enough for the kids to carry if need be!


Don’t be fooled. Just because EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are light to carry doesn’t mean that they can’t hold a great deal of weight. In fact, they have been engineered to hold up to 300 pounds out of the water. 

When placed in the water, human buoyancy makes it so that EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs have virtually no weight limit. Therefore, you can rest assured that your in-pool chairs can endure heavy use and, with proper care, last a long time. And isn’t that a relief to know that you won’t have to spend money after each busy pool season replacing chairs?


Remember those nightmare family road trips when everyone argued about what you could bring and what had to stay home? In the end, the car would be packed with what seemed like the contents of an entire garage. This is why easy storage and portability are key when it comes to any family’s recreation adventures. 

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are designed to fold easily when not in use. That way, parents can store multiple chairs in one place and still have plenty of room to spare.

Great for monitoring the kids

One of the best qualities of EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs is that they let parents enjoy the water and keep an eye on their kids as they swim. While the upper portion of the chair rests on the pool’s ledge, the seat is situated below the water’s surface. 

This gives them the freedom to keep watch from a specific location as their lower body sits comfortably submerged. They no longer have to choose between taking a dip and monitoring their kids!

Made for multitasking

Parents constantly need to juggle multiple priorities at once. So what do they do when they’re enjoying the pool, and their phone rings with an urgent call from home? It depends. 

If their phone is out of arm’s reach, the call will have to wait. If they’re in an Edgemate In-Pool Chair, however, they can keep their phone close by. Or perhaps they prefer to unplug at the pool. They could enjoy that book they’ve been wanting to read for a long time while soaking in the sparkling pool water.

In-Pool Chairs make parenting at the pool simpler!

Ready to make a lot of parents happy by cutting complications from their pool time? Order your EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs online today! Then, visit our FAQ page for tips on best use and maintenance.

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