Why the EdgeMate Pool Chair is Perfect for Hotel Pools

Why the EdgeMate Pool Chair is Perfect for Hotel Pools

While on vacation, travelers have one priority: enjoyment! For hotels, this means finding every way possible to help their guests savor their stay from start to finish. One of the best ways to do so is by providing a quality pool experience. The hotel pool is a place to both relax and enjoy the pool fun. Having the perfect pool chair gives guests the ability to do both. Here are some of the many reasons why the EdgeMate Pool Chair is perfect for hotel pools.

Perfectly Simple for Hotel Pools

Guests at a hotel pool don’t want to spend precious vacation time learning how to use a complicated pool chair. Relaxing in the pool should be simple and without complexities. With the EdgeMate Pool Chair, first-time users can use it without issue. This is because using an EdgeMate Pool Chair is easy and intuitive to use! Simply unfold EdgeMate, set it on the pool deck, and then have a seat. It’s that straightforward! Hotel guests will have no problems using the EdgeMate Pool Chair for the first time.

Perfectly Relaxing for Hotel Pools

Relaxing and unwinding at the pool make for a great vacation. Now, hotel guests can take relaxing to the next level with an underwater pool chair. EdgeMate Pool Chairs allow guests to be in the water located in a fixed position, while still comfortable. It also keeps books, drinks, or phones within reach. In an EdgeMate, you can relish your time in the calm water alone or have conversations with friends. Guests can relax in the pool like never before with an EdgeMate Pool Chair.

Perfectly Fun for Hotel Pools

In addition to relaxing, the EdgeMate pool chair is great for in-pool fun! Hotel guests can sip drinks, play games, share laughs, and so much more from their EdgeMate. Even more, guests that want to complete hydrotherapy exercises while on vacation can do so from an EdgeMate Pool Chair.

Hotel Pool Enjoyment for All

With the EdgeMate Pool Chair, swimmers of all ages and a variety of abilities are able to enjoy in-water fun. EdgeMate Pool Chairs give users security and confidence along with comfort in the pool. This makes the pool accessible for those with physical limitations. Make the hotel pool accessible for all able-bodied swimmers with an EdgeMate pool chair.

Compatible with Most Hotel Pools

EdgeMate Pool Chairs can be used in most inground pools, making it a great fit for hotel pools. To be compatible with an EdgeMate, there are two necessities. First, the pool deck must be level. And second, the pool deck must meet the pool wall at around 90 degrees. With these two simple requirements, EdgeMate will fit most hotel pools.

Give hotel guests a front-row seat to fun with an EdgeMate Pool Chair. Contact us with any questions and learn more about why the EdgeMate Pool Chair is perfect for hotel pools. Order these unique and amazing in-pool chairs today

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