What Kind of Chair Do I Get to Sit in The Pool?

Kind of Chair to Sit in The Pool

Are you ready for warm weather to arrive and swim season to commence? Enjoying time in the pool during the summer months is a great way to spend time with your family, benefit from low-impact exercise, and make lasting memories. This year, increase your summer fun with a chair that goes directly into the pool. But, you may be wondering, “What kind of chair do I get to sit in the pool?” Introducing the EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair! Now, all your summer fun can happen right in the water.

What is an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair?

The EdgeMate In-Pool Chair is just what you’ve been wishing for! Now, you can simply place your EdgeMate onto the side of your pool and then have a seat to enjoy all your favorite pool activities from in the water. EdgeMate chairs are durable and high quality. It is compatible with most in-ground swimming pools.

What are the Benefits of an EdgeMate Chair in the Pool?

EdgeMate Pool Chairs have many amazing relaxation and wellness benefits! For one, enjoy all the things you love to do outside the pool from inside the pool! Reading your favorite book or sipping a refreshing drink can all be done in the pool. Additionally, EdgeMate offers stability for those who need extra steadiness. You will feel confident that you are snug in the chair and won’t take an unwanted fall into the water. You can also use EdgeMate to receive the many wellness benefits of the pool without being fully submerged. Do low-impact chair exercises or other forms of hydrotherapy from your EdgeMate pool chair. 

Is an EdgeMate Pool Chair Easy to Use?

Yes, absolutely! Simplicity is the name of the game! With its compact size, EdgeMate Pool Chairs are easy to carry. When folded they measure 32” by 25” and only 4.5” thick. Just tuck under your arm and head to the pool. They are also easy to open! Lightly tug on the sides of your EdgeMate to fully open it. Once open, place it onto the side of your pool. That’s it! Now you can have a seat and enjoy the pool from the water!

Does it Alter My Pool?

No alterations or changes need to be made to your pool whatsoever! The EdgeMate pool chair slides onto the side of your pool without any permanent installation necessary. And, once you’re ready to get out of the pool, lift your EdgeMate from the water and re-fold it for easy storage. 

How Do I Get an EdgeMate?

Summer will be here before you know it. You won’t want to miss out on the in-pool fun and stability from an EdgeMate pool chair. Get one today to be ready for pool season! Purchase your EdgeMate chair in our online store.

To learn more about EdgeMate pool chairs and their amazing features check out our FAQ section. You can also contact us with any further questions! Unfold the fun with the EdgeMate Pool Chair!

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