How to Maximize Time Together on Vacation

A family of four enjoy being in the pool in order to maximize time together on vacation.

Yes, the point of vacation is to get you and your loved ones away from distractions, but how much do you and the gang actually spend time together on vacation? It seems like when you want to just relax in the sunshine, someone else wants to hit the shops while someone else wants to go be a daredevil parasailing.

It is true that good, old-fashioned me time is essential to a successful vacation, but if you neglect the opportunity to enhance your connections with others when away from home and the office, you are not getting the most out of your getaway. Therefore, we suggest the following mindful adjustments to your itinerary to make maximize your quality time with friends and family while on vacation.

Plan Your Meals Ahead Of Time

A couple maximize their time together on vacation by eating a meal together outside at a beach-side restaurant.
Vacation meals out make for a fantastic date night.

We have all heard the cliches about the family that eats together. Well, if it’s cliche, it’s because it’s true! Yet this step often is skipped when vacation time rolls around because it feels too much like the routine chores we are trying to get a break from. 

The good news is that this decision does not need to be that complicated. Start by deciding which meal(s) you definitely want to make a full-company affair. The most logical choice in this category is, typically, dinner because everyone is more likely to be awake and ready for a break from the tourist stuff. 

Before your check-in, decide what days you want to eat out and what days you want to order in. If you are vacationing in a rental home or condo with a kitchen, put together a grocery list for some cozy serve-yourself meals. Check out this page if you need some inspiration for easy dinners to make on vacation.

Schedule Game Nights

A family of three maximizes time together on vacation by playing miniature golf.
Miniature Golf is a fun way to reinvent Family Game Night while on vacation.

What is a vacation without at least one game night? You rarely get a better chance to laugh with and at your loved ones than when they are trying to win a game they are bad at. So be sure to throw some good gaming into the mix, and your vacation is sure to fill itself with happy memories.

One of the best qualities of vacation spots is that they prioritize gaming, too. When you go to the beach, you can’t throw a seashell without hitting a miniature golf course. If you prefer to stay in, you can’t go wrong with a healthy supply of board games or even just a deck of cards. 

And let’s remember that it is 2022 after all. The television in your hotel room or rental space is most likely going to be compatible with a variety of video game systems. So bring along the console and some controllers so you and the family can have a blast!

Head To The Pool

Three friends enjoy quality time at the edge of an inground pool. Two friends use EdgeMate Pool Chairs to sit partially submerged in the water.
The pool is an ideal place to cultivate quality time with loved ones.

A pool’s purpose is to offer an escape from the heat and hullabaloo that challenge us every day. That is why whether you’re swimming or just enjoying a soak, it’s hard to beat the fellowship you experience in the water. Therefore, if you are truly serious about maximizing time with loved ones while on vacation, be sure to organize multiple pool visits.

For those looking to achieve expert status in the Quality Pool Time category, bring along a few EdgeMate Pool Chairs so you and the gang may enjoy some restful time in the shallow end. By resting EdgeMate Pool Chairs’ foldable hardware on the rim of the pool, you will be able to sit partially submerged in the water while keeping an eye on the kids or enjoying a cocktail with the grownups. Visit our online store today or check out our FAQ page for more information!

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