How to Get Your Senior Parents Back in the Pool

hat and sunglasses and pool chair for senior parents to use in the pool

As our senior parents age, it becomes harder and harder for them to perform tasks and activities they once did with ease. While this can be challenging and tough to deal with, they don’t have to give up everything! With the right accommodations, your elderly parents can enjoy some of the same things they used to, like swimming in the pool. If your parents have expressed a desire to get back in the pool, here are a few ideas to keep them safe and happy.

Provide Easy Access In and Out of the Pool

One of the first ways to get your senior parents back in the pool is by providing better access to it. Installing non-slip rails and steps that make the descent in and ascent out of the pool safer and easier to navigate for your senior parents.

Create a Trip-Free and Slip-Free Zone

Increase safety around the pool by creating a trip-free and slip-free zone.

Put all pool supplies like skimmer nets and pole brushes away. For pool toys, floaties, and games, either put them away as well or have them already in the pool for your senior parents to use. Also, it may be a good idea to keep lounge chairs and patio furniture out of the path to the pool. All of this helps prevent your parents from tripping and injuring themselves or falling in the pool.

To address slipping, consider gifting your parents with some non-slip water shoes. Or you may want to invest in covering the pool coping and decking with a non-slip coating.

Keep Your Senior Parents Hydrated

While this applies to all swimmers, keeping your senior parents hydrated is vital. Seniors have less body water to work with, and if they physically exert themselves (like swimming, for example), they are prone to become dehydrated faster than a younger person. 

Always keep a bottle of water nearby for them to drink and remind them to drink often by the pool. Take frequent breaks from swimming and don’t swim on days that are too hot or cold.

Never Let Them Swim Alone

Whether you live with your senior parents as a caretaker, or have a caretaker stop by daily, always make sure they don’t swim alone. You can either swim with them or have their caretaker incorporate a supervised weekly swim in their schedule.

Make it fun! Plan a swim date as a family with the grandkids and spend some much needed quality time together. This will make fun memories and let your senior parents enjoy the pool under casual supervision.

Give Them an Easy Place to Rest in the Pool

So they don’t tire out too much during their swim, get them an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair. This Pool Chair can easily be carried into the pool and placed directly on the edge of the pool. EdgeMate Pool Chairs are sturdy and stable, so you won’t have to worry about it slipping.

Plus, EdgeMate Chairs are designed for the shallow end of the pool. Instead of getting in and out of the pool to rest (which can be tiring), your senior parents can simply find a seat in the pool. With the EdgeMate Cup Holder, they can keep their bottle of water at hand, making it easy to stay hydrated in the pool.

With these tips and an EdgeMate Pool Chair, you can get your senior parents back in the pool. Get them a pair of EdgeMate Chairs today! Shop easily online or if you have any questions, check out our FAQ page.

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