How Much Do Really Good Pool Chairs Cost?

How much do really good pool chairs cost?

Having a go-to pool chair during swim season is a must! A trusty pool chair guarantees a spot to relax and enjoy your time at the pool. It should be long-lasting and make the pool all the more fun. So, how much do really good pool chairs cost? A high-quality pool chair can cost anywhere from a couple of hundred dollars to well over a thousand depending on brand, materials, and style. Here are some things to look for when buying a new pool chair.

Made with Quality

The last thing you want is to spend money on a pool chair that breaks or needs repairs after a short time. Think of a high-quality pool chair as an investment that will allow for years of use and fun. Also, consider what materials the chair is made from. You want the material to be durable to ensure long-lasting use. While you could find a pool chair that costs less, you get what you pay for. A cheap pool chair means cheap quality and short-lived use.

When it comes to the EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair, you can have confidence your chair is of the highest quality. Our chairs are made with premium materials designed for durability. Additionally, our chairs have gone through extensive testing to ensure your EdgeMate Pool Chair will be just as wonderful on the first day as it is after years of use. 


A great pool chair should also be something you can enjoy as much as possible at the pool. Is the pool your place to relax and rest? Then your seating needs to support that purpose. Do you prefer to be in the water? Look for a quality pool chair that allows you to do so. If the pool is your spot for socializing, then you need a pool chair that lets you be with others. Or do you like to do a little of it all? If so, we have just the pool chair for you!

With an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, you get to experience the pool like never before. The EdgeMate Pool Chair lets you sit in the pool comfortably and securely. If you love to relax, play, and socialize while in the pool, you can do them all with EdgeMate. And with it being lightweight and simple to fold, you can carry your EdgeMate to the next pool adventure with ease. 

What is the Cost of EdgeMate Pool Chairs?

With exceptional quality, tested durability, and endless possibilities for in-pool fun, an EdgeMate is an excellent investment in your summer. For the 2022 pool season, you can purchase a pair of EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs for $498. If you’d like to add on a cup holder, you can do so for only $19 each. And remember . . . shipping is FREE! 

When looking for a good pool chair, consider not only the cost but also its usefulness and quality. Get both of these features plus so much more with an EdgeMate. If you’re ready to experience the pool in a whole new way, buy an EdgeMate today. Contact us for help or check out our FAQ for more information. 

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