How Much are Chairs to Sit in the Pool?

How much are chairs to sit in the pool?

Ready for a pool chair that allows you to be in the pool? This summer, enjoy relaxing in a chair while still in the midst of the pool fun. There are a few options when it comes to in-pool chairs. So, how much are chairs to sit in the pool? Here are a few of the top choices and how much they cost. 

$-Floating Chairs

A floating chair can be lots of fun and will allow you to be in the water. These chairs are made of thick plastic and filled with air so it sits on top of the water. They are usually festive in color and fun for a party. Keep in mind, though, that floating pool chairs are typically poorly made and the fun is usually short lived as a result. They are also not very stable and can easily flip you into the water. They also are relatively uncomfortable and not ideal for all day use. 

Because of the quality and intended use, floating pool chairs are relatively inexpensive. Expect to spend less than $50 depending on the store and style. However, the saying applies: you get what you pay for.

$$$-Tanning Shelf Chairs

Lounging tanning shelf chaises are trending and can be very beautiful. They sit perfectly on the built-in tanning shelf of your pool that allows you to be in the water while not fully immersed. They are typically set in a lounging position so you can relax and soak in the sun. While they are nice for resting and tanning, it’s a bit of a one trick pony. Because of the lounged position, tanning shelf chairs are not ideal for reading, drinking, socializing, or enjoying the water. 

Since tanning shelf chairs are a trendy pool item, they are priced as such. Depending on the style and design, you could easily spend $1500 for a set. 

$$$$-Bar Stool

When building your pool, you can opt to install custom in-pool seating such as a set of bar stools. These bar stools are typically made of the same concrete mix as the pool and are adjacent to a bar ledge and outdoor kitchen. These can be very fun for enjoying company and a drink. Obviously, this is a permanent fixture and not a seating option that can be picked up and enjoyed elsewhere.

The cost of custom in-pool bar stools varies greatly depending on the pool size, the bar features, and many other custom options. However, the average cost would be several thousand dollars. 

$$-EdgeMate Chairs

With an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair you get many amazing benefits at an affordable price. An EdgeMate Pool Chair allows you to sit in the water securely and enjoy being in the midst of the pool fun. From your EdgeMate chair, your book, drink, towel or more are all within reach to be used as you wish. With high quality construction and durable materials, you can be confident your EdgeMate will provide long lasting pool enjoyment. Even more, EdgeMate is simple to use: just flip it open, set it on the pool deck, and take a seat to begin using. And because it’s lightweight, you can easily fold and carry it to another pool, on vacation, or even tote in your car in case of impromptu pool fun. 

And EdgeMate Chair is the best of both worlds: great quality and well priced. You can order an EdgeMate Pool Chair for $249. To learn more about the amazing features of an EdgeMate Pool Chair, check out our FAQ page or contact us anytime. Unfold the fun with an EdgeMate. Order yours today!

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