What Kinds of Chairs Do I Need For My Swimming Pool?

What kinds of chairs do I need for my swimming pool?

As the saying goes, failing to plan is planning to fail. Don’t let this be the case with your pool needs. With swim season quickly approaching, now is the time to plan for all your summer pool needs, including pool chairs. But, what kinds of chairs do I need for my swimming pool? Here are some of the best kinds of swimming pool chairs and the occasions that you will enjoy using them. 

Comfy Chairs for My Swimming Pool

Want a poolside seating option built for comfort? Great idea! A high-quality patio sofa or set of chairs (with fluffy cushions, of course) turns your pool area into a pool retreat. Having to get in the water to experience total relaxation not required.

Poolside Lounge Chairs for My Swimming Pool

If you’re in the mood to rest and relax but not be in the water, you might want to get a poolside lounger. Napping in the warm sun with the sound of water nearby can be rejuvenating! Some poolside loungers have adjustable backs so you can find the angle that is most restful and relaxing. Curl up on your lounger and close your eyes. Ahhh!

Shaded Seating for My Swimming Pool

Some days the UV rays can feel especially intense and make you want a break from the heat. When this is the case, having a place to retreat in the shade can be very refreshing. You can find a variety of options for shaded poolside seating. One popular option is a foldable chair similar to a camping chair. But unlike the camping version, this chair is made of pool safe material and has a convenient shaded overhang. On the pricier side is a patio daybed with a domed canopy. It’s a lovely blend of luxury, style, and shade.

Seating for Company at My Swimming Pool

There are times when you prefer to sit in or near the pool alone to rest or unwind. However, there are other times when you’re ready to host for a crowd at the pool. For seating options, it’s good to be prepared for both of these. An outdoor sofa set makes great swimming pool seating for a crowd. Gathering around in the cushioned seats to chat, enjoy drinks, and spend quality time with each other.

In-Pool Chairs for My Swimming Pool

Being poolside has its limits. From the pool deck, you can’t enjoy the water and you may miss out on the in-pool fun. This is why so many people love their EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair. With the EdgeMate Pool Chair, you can sit in the water to relax, play, complete hydrotherapy exercises, chat with friends, and simply enjoy time in the pool. EdgeMate Pool Chairs are both comfortable and practical. Conveniently, your EdgeMate Pool Chair is lightweight and folds easy. This makes taking your EdgeMate with you to almost any in-ground pool this summer a breeze.

If you’d like to learn more about the amazing features of EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs, contact us anytime! Order your EdgeMate today, and be ready for summer fun!

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