How In-Pool Chairs Help You Avoid Getting Dehydrated in a Pool

A swimmer in an inground pool takes a sip of water from a water bottle. Keeping drinking water containers close is one way in-pool chairs help swimmers avoid getting dehydrated in a pool.

Make no mistake. Being in the water does not reduce your body’s need to drink water. Therefore, it’s important that your guests take steps to avoid getting dehydrated in a pool. Otherwise, you are likely to have a number of overambitious swimmers swooning on your pool deck. In-pool chairs are effective tools for helping swimmers […]

In-Pool Chairs vs. Poolside Lounge Chairs

Profile of a row of wooden poolside lounge chairs with blue cushions. These are one of the options to consider in the in-pool chairs vs. poolside lounge chairs decision.

In-Pool chairs vs. poolside lounge chairs is a common topic pool owners need to consider when accommodating their guests. It’s not surprising when you consider just how many objectives people have when they visit the pool. Go for a dip. Take in some sun. Find a safe place to keep your belongings. And the list […]

How Seniors Benefit From Using a Pool

A group of seniors led by a teacher do stretch exercises in the pool. Water yoga is one example of how seniors benefit from using a pool.

There’s plenty of research out there detailing how seniors benefit from using a pool. This is especially important for hotels and resorts to take note of because of how often guests ask about activities for persons 62 and older. All too frequently, seniors withdraw from physical activities with family because of the strain it can […]

5 Reasons Parents Will Love In-Pool Chairs

Two pool users fold their EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs from inside the pool and prepare to carry them out.

In-pool chairs belong on parents’ checklists when they take the kids to the pool. Why? Because they’re trying to accomplish two things: keep an eye on the kids and get some much-deserved rest and recreation. To accomplish those things effectively, they need reliable gear that lets them be both the unofficial lifeguard and self-care champions. […]

Best Pool Accessories for HOA Pools

hoa pool with pool accessories

Is your homeowner’s association (HOA) thinking about installing an inground pool? Fabulous! What pool accessories will you need to keep your pool safe, accessible, and enjoyable? If you’re not sure, no worries. We’ve brainstormed a few economical items that can help increase value and decrease liability to your HOA. In general, HOA’s should research local […]

Are In-Pool Chairs Easy for Seniors to Use?

A smiling senior couple in an inground pool stand at the water's edge with their arms folded on the ledge of the pool deck. Their ability to secure themselves at the pool's edge serves the discussion of why in-pool chairs are easy for seniors to use.

“Are in-pool chairs easy for seniors to use?” The short answer to this question is yes. In fact, EdgeMate Pool Chairs are easy for everyone to use. But we know that many people are keen to eliminate barriers their senior loved ones may be facing when it comes to using the pool, so we put […]

5 Ways to Better Supervise Your Kids As They Swim

Three children in swimsuits and goggles smile while gripping the wall of a pool's shallow end. This vantage point helps demonstrate how to supervise your kids when they swim.

One of the main reasons to build and use pools is so the kids can have fun. But if you don’t properly supervise your kids as they swim, the experience can quickly turn into something wholly other than fun. Therefore, we’ve compiled a list of the following tips to better supervise your kids as they […]

How to Maximize Time Together on Vacation

A family of four enjoy being in the pool in order to maximize time together on vacation.

Yes, the point of vacation is to get you and your loved ones away from distractions, but how much do you and the gang actually spend time together on vacation? It seems like when you want to just relax in the sunshine, someone else wants to hit the shops while someone else wants to go […]

5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Pool More Accessible

a man makes a hotel pool more accessible with EdgeMate Pool Chairs

Looking for ideas to make your hotel pool more accessible? Here are a few reasons why you should, and 5 ways to increase accessibility at your hotel pool. Why You Should Make Your Hotel Pool More Accessible It Increases Guest Enjoyment We know that one of your top priorities is to ensure your guests enjoy […]

5 Best Pool Products for People with Mobility Challenges

Water wheelchairs and other pool products for people with mobility challenges make the pool more accessible.

Whether you are looking for a good workout or quality time with friends and family, a pool provides significant benefits to our physical and social well-being. But for many people, pool time is a heavy undertaking due to physical limitations. However, with these five pool products for people with mobility challenges at the ready, your […]