What Are The Best Swimming Pool Chairs to Take on Vacation?

What are the best swimming pool chairs to take on vacation?

The only thing better than a day at the pool is a day at the pool while on vacation! Summer vacations are filled with relaxation, pool fun, and sweet memories with loved ones. This summer, take along a great pool chair to make it all the more enjoyable. What are the best swimming pool chairs to take on vacation? Read on to find some of the best available and why we think EdgeMate® In-Pool Chairs are your best bet.

Aluminum Folding Chair

Easily folded and packed along with your travel belongings, an aluminum chair is a good swimming pool chair to take on vacation. You can easily pop it open and sit poolside to soak in the sun and relax near the water. Another perk, aluminum folding pool chairs are readily found at local department stores, and typically come at a low price. Being made of aluminum, they are lightweight and easy to carry. 

On the other hand, these chairs are typically not made with high-quality materials. This means they don’t last for multiple swim seasons. Additionally, these chairs are limited to the deck or side of the pool. 

Shaded Canopy Chair

With strong sun rays and summer heat, even a small amount of shade can be a welcome luxury. Some pool chairs come with a shaded canopy overhead. These chairs are designed like folding camping chairs only with a canopy. With this shaded canopy, you can relax near the pool without fear of sunburn or discomfort. They also are made of waterproof materials and fold easily for taking on vacation.

Though great for out of the pool, these chairs limit you to staying out of the water. While on vacation, they don’t give you the option to sit in the water while reading, chatting, or enjoying a drink. If you’d like to relax in the pool, you’ll need a different option. 

Favorite Pool Float

Fun and colorful pool floats make any occasion brighter, especially vacation time. And there is not a chair that travels better. A deflated pool float is compact and can fit in small spaces. 

While pool floats are usually inexpensive, you get what you pay for. Typically floats do not last for more than a single swim season.

EdgeMate Pool Chair

For one of the very best swimming pool chairs to take on vacation and our favorite, The EdgeMate Pool Chair is the way to go! With an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, you sit directly in the water and can be a part of the action. No matter if you want to quietly relax, chat with friends, play a game, or read a book, you can be comfortable doing it all from an EdgeMate. And since EdgeMate doesn’t require pool alterations or installation, you can easily use it at almost any in-ground pool while on vacation. It’s also lightweight and easily carried to make vacation travel a breeze.

Learn more about the amazing features of EdgeMate and why it is the best swimming pool chair to take on vacation. Find out why our customers love using their EdgeMate for maximum in-pool enjoyment. Contact us with any questions you have and order your EdgeMate Pool Chair today! 

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