Best Pool Chairs to Sit in the Pool

two women with the best pool chairs in a pool

Lounging poolside is nice, but relaxing in the water is better! If you’re looking for in-water pool chairs, the options are limited, but you do have a few choices. If you’re looking for the best pool chairs to sit in the pool, there’s only one, in our opinion: the EdgeMate Pool Chair! 

In short, here are your main options for pool chairs to sit in the pool:

  • Floating Pool Chairs – think pool noodle that goes around your back attached to a cloth “seat” or an inflatable pool chair.
  • Tanning Ledge / Shelf Loungers – think patio furniture that sits on your pool’s tanning ledge.  
  • EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs – comfy, folding chairs with a hangbar that rests on the pool deck, allowing you to fully relax while you lounge in the water. 

Let’s take a closer look at these options.

Floating Pool Chairs

orange inflatable pool chair
Orange inflatable pool chair floating in a pool

Floating pool chairs are the least expensive option, starting at around $35. They can be a fun option, especially for kids and teens but are essentially a pool toy. 

An inflatable one is tricky to get into and doesn’t allow you to fully relax since you have to be careful to maintain your balance.

Other types of floating pool seats, like the type constructed of a pool noodle that goes around your back, are easier to balance in, but you’ll still be treading water and keeping yourself upright in the pool. 

Tanning Ledge / Shelf Loungers

Shelf Loungers in pool
Loungers on pool shelf

If you want to enjoy the sunshine while watching your kiddos play in the pool, this type of pool furniture might be a nice option. You can fully relax and there will be just enough water to help you stay cool. 

There are a few drawbacks, though: 

  • You’ll get wet, but immersion is impossible. If you’re interested in pool hydrotherapy and its benefits, a shelf lounger doesn’t fit the bill.
  • This is the most expensive option. It depends on quality and materials, but you can expect to spend between $500 and $1200 per chair or more for a luxury lounger.
  • They’re not portable and take up a lot of storage space. Like your other outdoor furniture, it will be important to keep them dry (and for some materials, out of freezing temperatures) over the winter to avoid damage. 

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs

EdgeMate Pool Chair Resting on Pool Edge
The EdgeMate Pool Chair

Much less expensive than a shelf lounger and comfortable for all swimmers, the EdgeMate Pool Chair is an ideal option for any pool user. Our chairs are unique for a couple of reasons:

  • They allow for IN water relaxation. The EdgeMate Pool Chair sits in the water, allowing you to fully relax (no treading water, swimming, or holding onto the edge) while you’re immersed. 
  • They were designed with hydrotherapy in mind. Sitting in the EdgeMate allows those with physical limitations to have a front row seat to fun!
  • EdgeMate Pool Chairs are portable. You’ll love your EdgeMate for your own inground pool and for every vacation that involves a hotel stay with a pool. 
  • They’re safe and easy to use. Who hasn’t tipped over a floating pool lounger and taken an unexpected swim? With the EdgeMate, you can easily sit in it, and it’s safe for people of all sizes and weights

Check out our FAQ page to learn more. Then grab your own EdgeMate!

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