Best Pool Chairs for the Money in 2022

Best Pool Chairs for the Money in 2022

Spending time in a pool during the summer is loads of fun! You and your family can enjoy countless hours swimming, playing, and relaxing in the pool, all while making great memories. When enjoying the pool, you need a great chair to maximize your relaxation and fun. This summer, get a chair that will allow you to make the most out of your pool time. Here are the best pool chairs for the money in 2022.

Floating Pool Chairs

You already know that floating pool chairs are not super expensive. But for the typically low cost you can get your money’s worth. Floating pool chairs are essentially blow-up pool floats shaped like a chair. They can be lots of fun for kids and adults alike. 

On the downside, these chairs give you just what you pay for: a limited amount of fun. They are not durable and do not last very long. Additionally, they can be very unstable and therefore not a good choice for anyone seeking more security in the pool and not wanting to take a surprise plunge when it unexpectedly flips over. 

Woven Pool Lounger

A woven pool longer is typically made of a high-quality pliable plastic or wicker material that is woven in a pattern. They can be very comfortable for lounging poolside. It is also great for using after being in the water since the woven material is durable and designed for getting wet. These pool chairs can also last many years meaning good bang for your buck.

However, if you are wanting to relax in the water, this chair may not be ideal for you. These woven pool chairs are only for poolside use. This means when using this chair, you might miss out on the fun happening in the pool and can’t enjoy the water.

Padded Poolside Chairs

Think couch by the pool, but made with water-resistant material. These padded pool chairs are extremely comfortable and great for gathering with loved ones and chatting while others enjoy the pool. You can utilize these chairs for things like reading, scrolling on your phone, or enjoying a drink while poolside. 

Just like the pool loungers, a padded pool chair is strictly for out-of-pool use. You don’t get to enjoy the water or the things going on in the pool. Additionally, padded pool chairs cannot be folded up and carried to your next summer pool adventure. 

Lounging In-Water Chairs

For an in-water choice, one of the best options for the money is a lounging in-pool chair. These are essentially deck chairs that are made of pool-safe material so they can stay partially exposed to the water. They typically are found on the tanning shelf of a pool. 

While being in the water is a great perk, it is typically just the feet of the chair that are in the water and not the person. So while closer to the action, you don’t get to enjoy being in the water. Also, these are permanent pool additions, meaning it cannot fold up and travel with you. 

EdgeMate In-Pool Chair

An EdgeMate In-Pool Chair allows you to sit in the water and enjoy the pool from the best seat in the house, literally! This folding pool chair is easy to use! With EdgeMate, you simply set the chair onto the side of the pool to use. Then you can enjoy unlimited time relaxing, chatting, and enjoying the pool however you choose. When you’re ready to leave, you can fold EdgeMate and carry it to your next adventure.

Order your EdgeMate In-Pool Chair for just $249. At that price, an EdgeMate is one of the best pool chairs for the money in 2022. To learn more about EdgeMate pool chairs, check out our handy FAQ page or contact us today!

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