Best Pool Accessories for HOA Pools

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Is your homeowner’s association (HOA) thinking about installing an inground pool? Fabulous! What pool accessories will you need to keep your pool safe, accessible, and enjoyable? If you’re not sure, no worries. We’ve brainstormed a few economical items that can help increase value and decrease liability to your HOA.

In general, HOA’s should research local ordinances and reference their own covenants, conditions, and restrictions to guide their pool building plans as well as any associated purchases. Once those steps are complete, cross-reference that information with the following list of the best pool accessories for HOA pools:

  • Safety Rope
  • Vinyl Mesh Pool Mats
  • Solar Cover Reel
  • Pool Lights
  • Waterfall Fountain
  • Pool Deck Furniture
  • EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs

Safety Rope

Your residents’ safety is always at the top of your pool agenda. Therefore, one of the first accessories you should purchase is a safety rope (a.k.a. pool divider). You have probably seen these at other community pools where they cordon off the deepest area. While not a requirement for all pools, they’re still a wise addition to your HOA’s collection of pool supplies so residents with limited swimming experience have something to help them stay in a zone that suits their abilities.

Vinyl Mesh Pool Mats

Slips and falls are among the main hazards around a pool’s perimeter. Vinyl mesh pool mats can help reduce those threats. These mats come in the form of long, thick strips of extruded vinyl to be placed at the pool’s edge. When swimmers climb out of the pool, the mats wick moisture away from their feet and disperse it to prevent puddles. When swim time is over, clean-up is as simple as a quick spray from a hose.

Solar Cover Reel

Too often, pool owners resort to gathering their solar cover and letting it sit in an untidy bundle off to the side. Then, it takes at least half a dozen people to put the thing back on the water at the end of the day.

A solar cover reel simplifies this process tenfold. It allows you to retract the whole cover in and around an axle by turning a crank. This helps prevent kinks from forming in the cover which, in turn, prolongs its life. When it’s time to close the pool up, a couple of pairs of hands is all it takes to pull the cover back across the water.

Pool Lights

Depending on the pool’s hours, your HOA may put a few evening swims on the calendar. In that case, a set of pool lights should go on your shopping list. Owners often balk at adding pool lights because of costly installation, but it doesn’t have to be that complicated. You can buy a set of battery-powered, waterproof LED pool lights that affix to the pool wall with either magnets or suction cups. Simply stick them on before the pool party, and take them off when it’s done.

A bonus feature of many LED pool lights is their menu of programmable colors. So if you’re going to throw a community pool party after the sun goes down, you may as well take advantage of the ambiance and hit that water with some rainbow action!

Waterfall Fountain 

Yes, a pool’s main purpose is to provide enjoyment for you and your neighbors. But let’s not forget their capacity to increase property value as well. So how do you broadcast your HOA pool’s curb appeal to prospects? A waterfall fountain would certainly help.

You can buy a waterfall fountain that easily attaches to a pool’s return jet. The result is an adjustable, arched shower that offers both playful fun for swimmers and an aesthetic enhancement that catches the eye of potential neighbors passing through the neighborhood for the first time.

Pool Deck Furniture

Everyone who goes to the pool needs a break from the water at some point. Therefore, invest in durable, attractive furniture to place on your pool deck. With recent advances in outdoor living, pool furniture ranges from your standard deck chair to entire sets of waterproof, cushioned sofas. Regardless of what out-of-pool seating you prefer, be sure to consider what residents have available to them in terms of shading. You may want to add some pool umbrellas to your shopping cart if your pool environment offers little to no refuge from the sunlight. 

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs

Three friends enjoying a conversation on the side of an inground pool. Two of them are sitting in EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs resting on the edge of the pool while another guest to their left sits on the pool ledge wrapped in a towel and holding a drink. EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are pool accessories suitable for an HOA pool.
EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are versatile pool accessories for your HOA pool.

If your pool deck has limited space to accommodate furniture, you have options for in-pool furniture to help counteract the issue, which leads us to our final suggestion on the list: EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs. These foldable, lightweight chairs are designed to rest on the edge of the pool in the shallow end. As such, they allow you to read, sip your favorite beverage, and keep an eye on the kids while you sit partially submerged in the water. Visit our online store to order your EdgeMate In-Pool chairs today. While you’re there, check out our EdgeMate Cup Holders as well!

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