Best Folding Pool Chairs for 2022

Best folding pool chairs for 2022

After months and months of being stuck inside thanks to winter, it’s time to start dreaming about and planning for summer fun! Now is the time to take inventory of your summer accessories and stock up on what you need. When it comes to relaxing and lounging around or in the pool this summer, you are going to need a great chair that is easy to carry. So, here are the best folding pool chairs for 2022. 

Best Folding Pool Chairs for Decks

For sitting on the pool deck to watch over the fun, there are folding deck chairs. A deck chair will allow you to keep an eye on what is happening in the pool. It also gives you a dry place to read, share a drink, or just relax. 

However, a deck chair can get extremely hot since you’re not actually in the water. You also miss out on the in-pool fun, activities, and conversation when you’re up on the deck. Additionally, folding deck chairs are frequently poorly made and therefore need to be replaced often. 

Best Folding Pool Chairs for Enjoying a Drink

Spending time in the sun and pool can cause you to dehydrate quickly without realizing. Be certain to sip water when at the pool. You may also enjoy sipping an adult beverage while at the pool. Either way, having a chair that can hold your drink is a great perk. One option for this is a floating pool lounger that has a built-in cup holder. This is essentially a pool float with a spot for a drink.

This is a fun idea until your pool lounger overturns unintentionally. What a bummer when your drink goes to waste when using a pool lounger drink holder!

Overall Best Folding Pool Chairs

If you are searching for the absolute best folding chair for all your summer pool fun, we have just what you need! The EdgeMate Pool Chair has many amazing benefits that are sure to make your summer the best and most enjoyable ever! Here are a few reasons why they’re so amazing.

First, EdgeMate Pool Chairs allow you to sit in the pool while still being completely secure. Unlike the pool deck chair, with EdgeMate you sit partly submerged in the water. This means you can stay wet and feel refreshed despite the summer heat. It also means you don’t have to miss out on any of the action. No more sitting poolside and watching the fun; now, you are in the midst of it all. And though you are in the water, you will feel completely secure and avoid any accidental tip-overs like the floating loungers. 

Next, the EdgeMate In-Pool Chair is foldable. You can quickly fold your chair up into its compact carrying size to easily take to and from the pool. The folded size weighs just 4.4 pounds and is roughly the size of a pizza box. 

Another great thing about the EdgeMate is the cup holder add-on. Cheers to sipping your beverage of choice in the pool without accidentally spilling. Get a jump start on summer! Go with the best folding pool chair for 2022. Buy your EdgeMate Pool Chair today! And reach out to us with any questions. To learn more about the amazing benefits of an EdgeMate pool chair, check out our FAQ section.

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