How In-Pool Chairs Help You Avoid Getting Dehydrated in a Pool

A swimmer in an inground pool takes a sip of water from a water bottle. Keeping drinking water containers close is one way in-pool chairs help swimmers avoid getting dehydrated in a pool.

Make no mistake. Being in the water does not reduce your body’s need to drink water. Therefore, it’s important that your guests take steps to avoid getting dehydrated in a pool. Otherwise, you are likely to have a number of overambitious swimmers swooning on your pool deck.

In-pool chairs are effective tools for helping swimmers overcome challenges that can lead to dehydration. Here, we explain why EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are a good resource for keeping your guests quenched and healthy. But first, let’s go over some hydration basics for your pool guests.

What is hydration?

Hydration refers to your body’s absorption of water. You need plenty of water in your body to flush out waste, keep your joints lubricated, regulate body temperature, and maintain several other life-sustaining functions. The antithesis of this state is dehydration (when you lack the water needed to make your body function properly).

How do you stay hydrated?

You hydrate your body by ingesting water. So whatever myths you may have heard about absorbing water through your skin, toss them aside. You will not stay hydrated just by being in a pool. The best source of hydration is, of course, clean drinking water.

Why is hydration so important for swimmers?

Hydration is especially important to anyone engaging in rigorous physical activity. That goes double for swimmers. 

Think about it: one of the main reasons you drink water in conjunction with a workout is to replenish the fluids you lose by sweating. But if you are a swimmer constantly going in and out of the pool, how can you tell what on your body is sweat and what is pool water? Swimmers need to take this unique challenge seriously or else risk fatigue and cramping while in the water.

A swimmer sits in an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair and holds a drink while relaxing. By keeping you close to their drink containers, in-pool chairs help you avoid getting dehydrated in a pool.
EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs help keep swimmers close to their drink containers.

How In-Pool Chairs help you avoid getting dehydrated in a pool.

In-pool chairs are useful when preventing dehydration in the pool because they eliminate a swimmer’s need to leave the pool to rest and replenish. EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are particularly effective at accommodating both swimmers and their drink containers.

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs keep your hydration source close by.

Even though EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs partially submerge users in the water, they stay right up against the pool’s edge thanks to their foldable design. This means that your guests can keep their drinking water (or beverage of choice) close by at all times.

For even greater convenience, add the EdgeMate Cup Holder to the mix. This feature attaches easily to the upper portion of an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, making it so your guest never has to reach for a much-needed sip.

Overhead shot of an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair with an EdgeMate Cup Holder attached. Having a cup holder feature attached to an in-pool chair will help you avoid getting dehydrated in a pool.
An EdgeMate Cup Holder is a great way to help keep swimmers hydrated in the pool.

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs are a comfortable, safe place to rest.

As mentioned above, swimming is a serious exercise no matter the level of engagement. However, a sturdy, comfortable place to rest in the pool will help your guests stave off fatigue and, thus, need to go for a giant gulp of water as often.

This is what they will find in an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair. By resting on the pool ledge in the shallow end, these in-pool chairs make it so your guests do not have to hang onto the wall or get out of the pool to rest in between laps.

Make EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs a hydration hub in your pool.

Are you ready to help your guests stay healthy, hydrated, and happy in your pool? Order your EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs online with free shipping today! While you are there, be sure to add a couple of EdgeMate Cup Holders into your shopping cart as well!

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