5 Ways to Make Your Hotel Pool More Accessible

a man makes a hotel pool more accessible with EdgeMate Pool Chairs

Looking for ideas to make your hotel pool more accessible? Here are a few reasons why you should, and 5 ways to increase accessibility at your hotel pool.

Why You Should Make Your Hotel Pool More Accessible

It Increases Guest Enjoyment

We know that one of your top priorities is to ensure your guests enjoy their stay at your hotel! Your pool is more than likely one of the most attractive amenities. However, if guests have a hard time accessing your pool, it impacts their enjoyment. They could even opt to leave early, or not choose your hotel at all. It Opens the Door to More Guests

Hotels with accessible pools have greater revenue opportunities, as it becomes an option for a wider audience. That means more guests can stay, and will recommend your hotel to their friends and family.

How to Make Your Hotel Pool More Accessible

1 – Make Entry Easy

If your pool has stairs, make sure the handrails extend all the way to the bottom step. 

If you’re designing or renovating your pool, consider going with a zero-entry pool design. Also called beach-entry or a walk-in pool, a zero entry pool is one where guests enter the water via a gentle slope.

2 – Offer a Pool Ramp Access

Building or remodeling your hotel pool with a ramp that descends into the shallow end creates accessibility for guests in aquatic wheelchairs. As with handrails, ramps also make entry into the pool safer because guests don’t have to worry about tripping on or missing a step.

3 – Consider Installing a Pool Lift

A pool lift is another great option for guests in wheelchairs. It lowers and submerges the person in the pool water and could also draw in more guests who wouldn’t otherwise stay at your hotel or resort due to the lack of accessible amenities. Because of that, it would be a wonderful investment in your hotel pool. Just do careful research and make sure the pool lift is ADA compliant.

4 – Don’t Crowd the Poolside with Furniture

A pool area with too many lounge chairs, side tables, and umbrellas close together clogs walkways and creates a tripping hazard. It also prevents wheelchairs from having easy access to and around the pool.

Be sure to place poolside furniture far enough apart from one another so that there’s plenty of space to stroll or roll through to the swimming pool.

5 – Offer In-Pool Chairs

In-Pool Chairs allow for a relaxed pool experience in the shallow end. A hotel guest can sit comfortably while enjoying a book or a drink, or happily chat with their partner or friend beside them. These kinds of chairs also help free up space poolside, which helps relieve lounge chair congestion.

EdgeMate Pool Chairs are one of the easiest, fastest, cost-effective ways to make your hotel pool more welcoming for all guests*. They are sturdy and stable, offering a no-slip grip on the edge of the pool.   

Hotels and resorts have the option to purchase EdgeMate Pool Chairs in bulk. Contact us today for more information!

*Please note: EdgeMate Pool Chairs are intended for able-bodied swimmers.

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