5 Best Pool Products for People with Mobility Challenges

Water wheelchairs and other pool products for people with mobility challenges make the pool more accessible.
Water wheelchairs and other pool products for people with mobility challenges make the pool more accessible.

Whether you are looking for a good workout or quality time with friends and family, a pool provides significant benefits to our physical and social well-being. But for many people, pool time is a heavy undertaking due to physical limitations. However, with these five pool products for people with mobility challenges at the ready, your facility will be more accessible and, thus, more full of satisfied guests.

Top Five Pool Products for People with Mobility Challenges

Pool lift

A pool lift consists of a backed seat and handles attached to a pivoting crane mechanism that lowers the user into the water. If your pool is part of a business facility, chances are that you already have one or more of these incorporated into your amenities as most pools open to public patrons have a pool lift installed to be ADA compliant. But even if your guests do not visit an admissions counter before getting in the pool, adding either a portable or fixed pool lift to your pool’s perimeter can be an enormous help to your guests with limited lower body mobility. Certain lifts may also be used for above-ground pools and spas.

Pool Walker

Lots of people think that getting into a pool is out of the question for them because the water is not a walker-friendly environment. The good news is that there is, in fact, such a thing as a pool walker! A pool walker is a sturdy framework (typically a combination of PVC tubes and aluminum reinforcements) on wheels or casters with the appropriate locking mechanisms. This can be a useful solution for people hoping to meet their daily steps quota with a low impact exercise in the shallow end!

Water Wheelchairs

Similar to pool walkers, a pool wheelchair is made from a durable system of PVC tubing but, otherwise, looks and moves like a regular wheelchair complete with water-safe wheels and hardware. These are compatible with aquatic environments with ramped or ground-level entry. That means that these can also travel into the locker room shower when pool time is done for the day!

Pool Noodles

A good, old-fashioned pool noodle is a big winner when it comes to versatility and cost-effectiveness. They may not be as sophisticated in design as the other items on this list, but anyone who has ever used one understands why they fly off the shelves. They are low-maintenance, reliable floating devices and good for resistance and balance training in the water. That is why you see pool noodles galore in aquatic rehabilitation programs! And when the water workout is over, users can lay their heads and feet across a few noodles for a soothing float. Besides, pool noodles are just fun!

EdgeMate Pool Chair

One of the benefits to using EdgeMate Pool Chairs is that they give you a place to rest in the pool without needing to hold on to the side of the pool. For some people with mobility challenges*, an EdgeMate could be a great addition to swim time!

Our lightweight pool chairs rest on the edge of most inground pools and allow users to sit partially submerged in the water while chatting with friends, sipping a drink, reading a book, or just enjoying a peaceful soak. Each chair is designed to hold up to 300 pounds out of the water – which equates to no weight limit in the water when you factor in human buoyancy rates. Plus, its foldable design makes for easy transport and storage with no installation or alteration required. Simply flip, set, and sit!

People with mobility challenges need not miss out on a rewarding experience in the water thanks to a number of innovative pool products including the EdgeMate Pool Chair. To learn more about its design and usability, check out our FAQ page or our Pool Chair Compatibility page today!

*Please note that EdgeMate Pool Chairs are intended for any able-bodied swimmer.

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