EdgeMate Pool Chair is proud to Partner with the ILHA

Choose the EdgeMate Pool Chair this summer because a seated guest is a happy guest.

Expand Your Seating, Monetize Your Pool Edge & Provide All Guests with a New and Unique Poolside Experience

Applications & Opportunities

Rental Scenario

Rent for just $30 per day and you will pay for the investment in less than two weeks

F&B Revenue

Additional poolside seating and our built-in cup holder allow for more F&B sales

Accessible Travel

Provide all guests with a totally new and comfortable option with immersive, in-pool seating

Our Products

Pool Chair

  • EdgeMate Pool Chair arrives fully assembled
  • Compatible with most in-ground pools and requires no alterations to the pool or pool deck
  • Designed and tested to hold swimmers of any size
  • Weighs only 4.4 lbs.

Cup Holder

  • EdgeMate Cup Holder easily accommodates most standard-sized beverage containers
  • Smart design means drinks never touch the water
  • Seamlessly fits with EdgeMate’s ability to fold flat for easy transport and storage

Storage Rack

  • EdgeMate Storage Rack holds up to 12 EdgeMate Pool Chairs
  • Slim profile allows for passage through most standard-sized doorways
  • Four 360 degree rotating casters (two locking) provide safety and mobility in a commercial environment
*Custom Branding Available on Orders of 12 or more chairs

Our Commitment

While opportunities for the accessible traveler continue to grow, there is still much to accomplish in terms of education and awareness. As our hotel/resort partners continue to offer designated access into the pool for their guests with disabilities, we at EdgeMate want to do our part and take care of the enjoyment.


As part of our Inclusion Initiative, we will supply, at each pool access point, an EdgeMate Pool Chair fitted with custom labeling that indicates exclusive use for accessible travelers.


Our Ultimate Goal: wherever there is access, there is EdgeMate.

Watch EdgeMate Pool Chair in Action

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EdgeMate fits most in-ground pools, but due to the diverse nature of pool design, it does not fit all of them. If the pool deck is level and meets the pool wall at anything close to a 90-degree angle, then EdgeMate will likely be compatible with your pool. Check our compatibility page for more information.