What Kinds of Pool Chairs Can You Put in the Water?

Pool Chairs Can You Put in the Water

Do you have a poolside problem? Are you looking for pool chairs you can put in the water without having to alter your pool? Well, we have good news! The EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair is just what you’ve been looking for! With the EdgeMate In-Pool Chair you can sit safely and comfortably in the water. While other chairs will allow you to sit on the pool deck or in a shallow tanning ledge, EdgeMate is a one-of-a-kind way to fully experience almost any pool. Our chairs are safe, comfortable, and convenient to use for in-pool enjoyment!

Truly Unique

EdgeMate’s In-Pool Chair is an innovative, uniquely crafted pool accessory that lets you enjoy your pool day safely and comfortably. You can now get in the pool and enjoy the water while still having quick access to your phone, drink, or book. 

Variety of Uses

Our users are able to utilize their EdgeMate Pool Chair in a variety of ways. For one, you can use the in-pool chair to increase summer pool enjoyment. Have quick and easy access to your towel or a glass of water while still being in the pool. Additionally, the EdgeMate pool chair can be used for water therapy or to provide stability in the water for those who would benefit from it.

No Installation or Alterations Needed

In order to use your EdgeMate Pool Chair, simply flip it open and set it onto the pool’s edge. There is no installation required and you do not need to make any alterations to your pool or pool deck. It really is as simple as open and use. With no complicated installation, it means you can start enjoying your EdgeMate pool chair from the moment it arrives! 

Lightweight and Easy to Use

EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs weigh in at only 4.4 pounds, making them easy for anyone to carry and use. It easily folds into a compact size, measuring 25 inches by 32 inches when folded with a 4.5 inch thickness. 

Your New Travel Buddy

Traveling or going to visit a friend’s pool? No problem! EdgeMate Pool Chairs conveniently fold into an easy to carry size so you take it with you wherever you go. Enjoy in-pool relaxation on vacation, at the neighborhood pool, or in your own backyard. 

Compatible for Most Pool Types

Conveniently, EdgeMate Pool Chairs will fit in most inground pools. If the pool has a level deck and comes to the pool wall at an angle close to 90 degrees, EdgeMate will accommodate it. Most pools will meet these requirements. However, keep in mind that pools with wrap-around gutters or raised lips may not be ideal for EdgeMate use.

So, are you looking for pool chairs you can put in the water while still feeling safe and comfortable? The search has ended! EdgeMate’s In-Pool Chair is simple to use right from the start. Open, position on the side of the pool, and have a seat. For in-pool lounging, look no further than EdgeMate. To learn more about EdgeMate In-Pool Chairs or how to get one for your pool lounging needs, contact us today!

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