How to Select Pool Chairs for My Backyard Swimming Pool

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Swimming, splashing, playing, resting, chatting, and even eating are all common activities done in or around the swimming pool. Another frequent action done in or near the pool is sitting. We enjoy sitting with the water close by to relax and enjoy the company of others. As pool season quickly approaches, now is a great time to find the perfect chair to make your summer all the more enjoyable. At EdgeMate® Pool Chairs, we are experts on the matter. Let us give you some tips on how to select pool chairs for your backyard swimming pool.

Consider Cost When Selecting a Pool Chair 

When looking to select new pool chairs, the first thing to do is consider your budget. How much do you want to spend on poolside seating options? It’s a good idea to set your spending range before you fall in love with a chair that’s out of your price range. 

Pool chair prices vary greatly, which means there is something affordable for everyone! Just remember the age-old adage, you get what you pay for. Quality and longevity in pool chairs are worth the up-front cost. When it comes to EdgeMate Pool Chairs, we are committed to providing high-quality and long-lasting pool chairs at an affordable price. You can purchase a pair of EdgeMate Pool Chairs for $498, which includes FREE shipping! To learn more about the expense of pool seating, read “How much do really good pool chairs cost?” 

Consider the User When Selecting a Pool Chair 

Additionally, when searching for a new pool chair you must think about who will be using your pool chairs the most. For example, the best pool chairs for children may not be the best pool chairs for adults. 

Hydrotherapy is great for senior adults. Thanks to our inherent buoyancy, seniors can perform low-to-no impact exercises in the water they may not be able to do otherwise on dry land. For this reason, many senior adults enjoy frequently using the pool for physical activity. Having in-pool seating options is something to consider as your select pool chairs for your backyard swimming pool. With an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, seniors can enjoy being in water while still feeling secure and comfortable. If they wanted, senior adults could even complete hydrotherapy exercises while seated in their EdgeMate Pool Chair. Read here to learn more about the best swimming pool chairs for seniors

Consider Variety When Selecting a Pool Chair 

During spring and summer, you will spend countless hours in your backyard swimming pool. With so much time spent there, it’s a good idea to have a variety of seating options. This way you’ll have the perfect chair regardless of the activity. 

For relaxing and resting out of the water, it’s fun to have comfortable poolside patio chairs. These may be patio sofas or big armchairs that are perfect for taking a nap or having a chat with friends. For an escape from the sun, you may also want a chair with a shade covering. For pool lounging, consider chaise loungers to go in your tanning deck.

And don’t forget our favorite type of pool chair: the in-pool seating option. EdgeMate Pool Chairs give a unique and exciting option for pool seating. With an EdgeMate, you can sit directly in the water to enjoy the fun without compromising comfort or convenience. Learn more here about the kinds of chairs you need for your swimming pool.

Consider Location When Selecting a Pool Chair 

When buying chairs for your backyard swimming pool, you also want to think about location. Where you spend the most time will help determine your seating selection.

Part of what makes EdgeMate Pool Chairs so special is having access to locations that would have otherwise gone unused. By sitting in the pool, you can participate in activities and conversation that may have made for difficult participation out of the water. And because of EdgeMate’s unique design, you can sit comfortably and securely. Being located on the edge of the pool deck, you can enjoy sitting in your EdgeMate while still having your phone, book, hat, or sunscreen close by. And with our convenient cup holder, your drink can always be within reach as well. 

Even better, the EdgeMate In-pool Chair is simple to use. There is zero assembly and it requires no alterations to your pool or pool deck. Just open the folded EdgeMate chair, set it on the pool deck, and have a seat. EdgeMate Pool Chairs can be used on any pool with a level deck that meets the pool wall at an approximate 90-degree angle. For more on in-pool chairs, read about the best pool chairs to sit in the pool.

Where to Get Pool Chairs for Your Backyard Swimming Pool

Once you’ve decided on which pool chairs you’d like to have for summer, you need to find the best places to purchase them. The best place to buy new chairs depends on the type of chair you want. For example, simple floating pool chairs can be purchased at local department stores. For poolside deck chairs, the best place to find them would be local home goods stores. For specialty poolside chairs, like those with shaded tops or other built-in features, you may need to purchase on the internet.

Purchasing your EdgeMate Pool Chair is simple. Visit our online store to make your purchase and get your pair of EdgeMate Pool Chairs shipped quickly! To learn more about the best places to purchase pool chairs, read about our blog on who sells outdoor pool chairs.

Pool season is filled with laughter, time with friends and family, and beautiful memories. Make this swim season all the more fun with new pool chairs for your backyard swimming pool. With an EdgeMate Pool Chair you will get in-water fun and enjoyment like never before. Learn more about EdgeMate in-pool chairs and contact us with any questions. Unfold the fun with an EdgeMate Pool Chair! Order your EdgeMate Pool Chairs today to get them in time for pool season!

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