How Seniors Benefit From Using a Pool

A group of seniors led by a teacher do stretch exercises in the pool. Water yoga is one example of how seniors benefit from using a pool.

There’s plenty of research out there detailing how seniors benefit from using a pool. This is especially important for hotels and resorts to take note of because of how often guests ask about activities for persons 62 and older.

All too frequently, seniors withdraw from physical activities with family because of the strain it can put on their bodies. But pools are a unique workaround to many physical ailments we all face with age. Specifically, time in the pool can help your senior visitors through high-resistance, low-impact activity that encourages social interaction.

High Resistance

Do you ever wonder why pools are so popular in physical therapy and rehab? It’s all thanks to a little molecular science.

Water is about 800 times denser than air. That means it can contain and uphold our bodies in a way that’s hard to replicate on dry land. In other words, pools are an excellent environment for seniors to address multiple physical challenges through resistance training. 


We know how frustrating it can be when balance issues creep into daily life. This essential function that so many of us take for granted is often an area of concern for seniors. 

Pools, however, are an effective resource for overcoming balance issues. By partially submerging your body in water, the denser fluid surrounding you helps hold you up. This is much harder to achieve outside the water when all you have reinforcing you is air.

Muscle Strength

Harvard Medical School reports that a typical person loses 1 – 2 percent of their muscle mass each year starting around age 35. And after age 60, that loss can accelerate to as much as 3 percent per year. 

This is where seniors can use the pool to their advantage. Through a regular exercise in the high-resistance surroundings of the water, they enhance their muscle strength and tone, especially in core muscles.

Cardiovascular Health

Water aerobics is a growing trend, especially among seniors. This is because exercise in water makes for a healthy heart rate and an efficient calorie burn. Therefore, if the goal for your senior guests is to improve their heart health, send them to the pool. A little exercise in the water will get more oxygen flowing through their circulatory systems and combat excess fat.

Low Impact

Pools and people are such a great match because of buoyancy. It’s hard to beat an activity that allows for both rest and relaxation because our bodies like to float.

This is key for seniors looking for sustainable recreation. While they may have had to leave their track and field days behind because of the repetitive, high-impact movements, the pool provides a low-impact alternative that will deliver a host of health benefits.

More capable bones and joints

When we exercise on dry land, gravity rules the day. Consequently, our bones and joints experience a harsher impact with each other when we do things like jump, run, or lift heavy loads.

Once again, high-density water comes to the rescue. By supporting a larger amount of a person’s body weight, the water lessens the demand on their bones and joints.

How seniors benefit from using a pool chair

Underwater shot of two swimmers sitting in EdgeMate Pool Chairs situated on the edge of an inground pool. The social interaction and relaxation enhanced by EdgeMate Pool Chairs are an example of how seniors benefit from using a pool.
EdgeMate Pool Chairs enhance social interaction and relaxation for seniors in a pool.

Not only does the pool provide seniors with a wealth of physical benefits, but it also scores high points in mental health as well. Whether they’re enjoying a water yoga class with classmates or spending quality time with family, the pool offers seniors ample opportunities for social interaction which is critical to maintaining mental health with age.

So how do you maximize both their physical and social experiences in the pool? Make sure they have EdgeMate Pool Chairs at the ready. Meant to rest on the pool’s ledge in shallow water, EdgeMate Pool Chairs will give your senior visitors a place to enjoy a conversation with grandkids and a comfortable spot to relax in between rounds of Marco Polo. Visit our FAQ page for more information. Then, click over to our online store where you can order yours today!

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