How Much Do Really Good Pool Chairs Cost?

How much do really good pool chairs cost?

Having a go-to pool chair during swim season is a must! A trusty pool chair guarantees a spot to relax and enjoy your time at the pool. It should be long-lasting and make the pool all the more fun. So, how much do really good pool chairs cost? A high-quality pool chair can cost anywhere […]

How Much are Chairs to Sit in the Pool?

How much are chairs to sit in the pool?

Ready for a pool chair that allows you to be in the pool? This summer, enjoy relaxing in a chair while still in the midst of the pool fun. There are a few options when it comes to in-pool chairs. So, how much are chairs to sit in the pool? Here are a few of […]

Who Sells Outdoor Pool Chairs?

Who sells outdoor pool chairs?

Your recipe for a great summer: Lots of sunshine, a dash of a slower pace, refreshing drinks, and tons of pool fun. Mix and repeat often! This summer, enjoy yourself even more with the addition of a great outdoor pool chair. Here is who sells outdoor pool chairs you would love to have.  Pool Floats […]

Where Can I Get Chairs To Go Inside the Pool

Where can I get chairs to go inside the pool

Yay for warmer weather! Pool season is just around the corner and that means now is the perfect time to take inventory of your pool needs. Stock up on sunscreen, replace worn pool towels, and definitely get a pair of great new sunglasses. In addition, this summer take your pool enjoyment to the next level […]

Best Pool Chairs for the Money in 2022

Best Pool Chairs for the Money in 2022

Spending time in a pool during the summer is loads of fun! You and your family can enjoy countless hours swimming, playing, and relaxing in the pool, all while making great memories. When enjoying the pool, you need a great chair to maximize your relaxation and fun. This summer, get a chair that will allow […]

Best Folding Pool Chairs for 2022

Best folding pool chairs for 2022

After months and months of being stuck inside thanks to winter, it’s time to start dreaming about and planning for summer fun! Now is the time to take inventory of your summer accessories and stock up on what you need. When it comes to relaxing and lounging around or in the pool this summer, you […]

What Kind of Chair Do I Get to Sit in The Pool?

Kind of Chair to Sit in The Pool

Are you ready for warm weather to arrive and swim season to commence? Enjoying time in the pool during the summer months is a great way to spend time with your family, benefit from low-impact exercise, and make lasting memories. This year, increase your summer fun with a chair that goes directly into the pool. […]

What Kinds of Pool Chairs Can You Put in the Water?

Pool Chairs Can You Put in the Water

Do you have a poolside problem? Are you looking for pool chairs you can put in the water without having to alter your pool? Well, we have good news! The EdgeMate® In-Pool Chair is just what you’ve been looking for! With the EdgeMate In-Pool Chair you can sit safely and comfortably in the water. While […]

Best Pool Chairs to Sit in the Pool

two women with the best pool chairs in a pool

Lounging poolside is nice, but relaxing in the water is better! If you’re looking for in-water pool chairs, the options are limited, but you do have a few choices. If you’re looking for the best pool chairs to sit in the pool, there’s only one, in our opinion: the EdgeMate Pool Chair!  In short, here […]