What Are The Best Swimming Pool Chairs For Seniors?

What are the best swimming pool chairs for seniors?

Being a senior has its perks! Discount coffee, tax benefits, and unlimited free time to name a few. Another great benefit is doing what you want when you want. Head to the pool all day every day if it pleases you. When it comes to the pool, having the right pool chairs can spell the difference between being comfortable for hours or packing it in early. What are the best swimming pool chairs for seniors? Here are some factors to consider and why an EdgeMate® Pool Chair has it all.

EdgeMate® Pool Chair Offers Security

No one at any age wants to feel insecure in the water or feel like they may fall in unwantedly. This is especially true for senior citizens. Instead, the best swimming pool chair for seniors should make them feel secure and in control. 

The EdgeMate Pool Chair offers the ideal security thanks to its intelligent design. While partially submerged in the water, the user remains stable and upright.

EdgeMate Offers Relaxation 

Retirement and life in the latter part of life are for enjoyment and relaxation. Therefore, your pool chair should offer you just that. The best chair for seniors will be comfortable and allow you to relax in the pool.

With the exceptional comfort of EdgeMate, you can enjoy the calm of the water, the warmth of the sunshine, and relax however you’d like. 

Easy Access to Favorite Pool Needs

There are certain things that are nice to keep close when at the pool. A chair that puts needed items out of reach is not ideal for seniors. These items might be a book, cell phone, or even a towel. The best pool chair for seniors will allow their favorite pool items to be easily accessed at all times. 

EdgeMate is conveniently located at the pool’s edge. This location means that while you are in the water, you can still reach your drink, towel, or whatever else you need.

Pool Chairs that are Simple to Use

If a pool chair is complicated or cumbersome, it is unlikely anyone will want to keep using it. An ideal pool chair for seniors should be simple to use. Simplicity means no hassle. No hassle means more frequent use. 

Using an EdgeMate In-Pool Chair is as simple as 1-2-3. Flip it open. Set it on the pool deck. Sit down. That’s it! No installation, no complicated folding technique, and no altering your pool. Just 1-2-3.

Portable and Easy to Carry

For the most use, an ideal swimming pool chair will be made of durable but lightweight material, making it portable and easy to carry. This allows seniors to easily transport their favorite pool chair and use it when traveling. 

Not only is EdgeMate simple to fold and easy to carry, but it can also be used on nearly any in-ground pool. 

Finding a great swimming pool chair is an important part of pool enjoyment. This is especially true for senior citizens. Let us help you find the best swimming pool for seniors. An EdgeMate pool chair allows the user to feel secure, comfortable, and enabled to fully enjoy the pool. Learn more about the amazing benefits of EdgeMate and contact us with any questions. Order your EdgeMate Pool Chair today! 

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