Our Inspiration

EdgeMate began as an observation. Disabled people (typically kids) coming to the water park, having to switch out of their motorized wheelchairs into manual ones just so they could experience the simple pleasure of being in a swimming pool. The observation led to an idea: safe, comfortable, portable seating that could coincide with newly enacted ADA regulations that mandated access points at pool facilities. The idea led to the garage, which turned into a workshop. Countless hours combined with numerous prototypes resulted in EdgeMate. Inspired by those with disabilities, EdgeMate is intended for all those who want to discover, or rediscover, the joy of being in the water.

Our Belief

I + E = G


Thank you for visiting our site to learn about EdgeMate. We make pool chairs, but what we ultimately hope to have a part in creating are environments of inclusion. May all your pool days be pleasant and rewarding and filled with the satisfaction of knowing that the time you had was time well spent.