6 Must-Haves for Your Summer Road Trip

6 Must-Haves for Your Summer Road Trip

It is almost the best time of the year: vacation time! As summer nears, now is the time to make your summer travel plans! Book your hotel, gas up the car, and get ready for great memories and fun. But before your summer vacation can commence, you need to pack your bags. Don’t forget these 6 must-haves for your summer road trip.

1. Snacks 

What is a road trip without snacks to graze on? You will need fuel for all the adventure and excitement, after all. Stop by the grocery store and stock up on both savory and sweet treats for the road. Make sure you have enough to share with the family!

2. Sunglasses 

Intense sun rays and glare can be a nuisance. Don’t let it disrupt your travel enjoyment. Before your vacation begins, be sure to get a fashionable pair of new sunglasses. Not only will it protect your eyes from harmful sun rays, it will give your road trip pictures a stylish look.

3. A Bucket List 

Dance in the rain? Karaoke to the summer’s greatest hit? Catch up with old friends? What are your “must do” items for this summer? Before your trip begins, jot down your summer bucket list items. Keep the list nearby and work to check all the items off before your trip comes to an end. 

4. A Swimsuit 

A summer vacation deserves a new summer swimsuit. Before your trip, find a new swimsuit that makes you feel confident and excited for pool fun! You’ll be spending a lot of time at the pool this summer and need a swimsuit that speaks to your style and vibe.

5. A Jammin’ Playlist 

The beats of summer will fuel your fun this summer! Create an upbeat summer playlist for your road trip. Great music can turn a day of long, boring driving into one filled with laughs and fun memories. 

6. An EdgeMate Pool Chair for Your Summer Road Trip

At the end of a long day of driving on your summer road trip, take advantage of the hotel pool! Bring along an EdgeMate® Underwater Pool Chair to make your summer pool time extra relaxing and extra enjoyable. Since an EdgeMate is lightweight, it’s ideal for easy road trip travel. In fact, this foldable pool chair is only 4.4 pounds. Since it is also compatible with most inground pools, it’s great for favorite hotel or motel pools.

To use your EdgeMate In-Pool Chair, simply flip it open and set it on the pool wall. Then have a seat in the EdgeMate Pool Chair for comfortable, secure in-water seating. From your EdgeMate, you can both relax and participate in the pool fun. Listen to music, read a book, chat with friends, or whatever else you’d like. Do it all from your EdgeMate Pool Chair this summer!

As you plan your summer, plan time to relax, time for adventure, and time for both at the hotel pool. If you’d like to learn more about EdgeMate Pool Chairs and its amazing features, contact us anytime! Order your EdgeMate today to have in time for your vacation. 

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